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Grown in the womb of a pond flower, Makhana or Foxnut seeds are the seeds of a beautiful
water plant, roasted and popped to form­ a surprisingly crunchy and unbelievably nutritious
white ball that looks a little like popcorn but is tastier and healthier!


Zero Cholestrol


To help

in digestion


Helpful for diabetics

and people with

heart problems




Helps in regulating

blood pressure

Zero Trans Fat


Health benefits

of foxnuts

Force behind Fitminis

Fitminis is a powerhouse of experience and creativity. Founded by Rukmini Thakore, a graduate of the London school of Economics and a former banker from Citigroup London, Fitminis is a bastion of quality and innovation. At Fitminis, we couple ancient values with a fun, fit and modern sensibility thereby ensuring that every product is beautifully designed and filled with purpose and pleasure.

Under the direction of Nivedita Thakore (also a graduate of the London school of Economics and an industry veteran in the food and agriculture space) we have successfully rolled out our first product- Foxnuts and have lined up a series of even more exciting and enjoyable products for the future!

But our force is far from complete without the contribution of our fantastic four- Nirja Thakore (ISB Hyderabad), Gautam Nair (Yale, USA), Nirav Shah (ISB Hyderabad) and Rajeshwari Trivedi (B.M Institute, Ahmedabad) who have provided invaluable inputs in the packaging, branding and presentation aspects of Fitminis.

I loved the Fitminis Makhana offering specially because I believe in making food my medicine. Not only are Fitminis' products delicious but they are also packed with nutrition and easy on the digestive system. A perfect snack for a health and fitness buff like me!!
Shubhalakshmi Amin (Executive Director- Navrachana Education society)
As a makhana (foxnuts) lover, I think Fitminis is the tastiest product in the market - well seasoned, fresh and finger licking good. Try the Mango salsa, leaves your taste buds pleasantly confused, wanting more & more ...
Nisarg Vakharia (Stock market investor)
I love makhana and the Fitminis makhana flavours are the most interesting I've seen in the market. Their product is crunchy and tastes fresh unlike some makhana that go soggy easily. Great snack, must try!
Cauvery Patel (Harvard alum and environment enthusiast)